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CLIENT: The Shack Kowloon Bay

PROJECT: ​Media Outreach


The Shack is officially open for business starting May 2017! Located in the industrial area of Kowloon Bay, it offers a healthy choice for American-style breakfast or tea, as well as providing a place for customers to relax and unwind after a long day at work. During the weekend, it also offers Californian brunches, allowing customers an opportunity to enjoy the flavour of California while spending quality time with family and friends.


The Shack, which is designed in shades of blue, aims to transport customers to San Francisco by recreating the relaxed and happy atmosphere of cafés there. Its managing director, Cynthia Fung, has lived in San Francisco for 25 years and hopes to create an environment where all customers can slow their pace down and enjoy the exquisitely prepared food. She also wants to use this restaurant as a place to gather old friends and meet new ones. 


  • Media relations​

  • Media feature

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