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evercare Media launch

We would like to thank Social Alliance for helping us with our launch event. They were an absolute pleasure to work with. Not only were they professional and hard-working, but they also made our experience enjoyable and stress-free! Janice and Debby in particular, were instrumental in ensuring that our launch event was a success. We simply couldn’t have done it without them – thank you Social Alliance! (2017)

WWF-Hong Kong

“We are pleased to work with Social Alliance in the PR campaign in our climate business engagement programmes. They are highly committed and enthusiastic, working hard to help promote low-carbon practices to business sector and media. Their professional service helped our programmes gain media exposure and public awareness. We see them as part of our team and look forward to working with them in future.” WWF-Hong Kong (2015)

AIESEC Hong Kong Limited

“Social Alliance’s professional coaching to our PR campaigns had been most valuable to our organisation’s growth. Their expert trainers groomed our junior officers into competent PR representatives. Their structured and comprehensive training on various PR processes from copywriting to media pitching, their seasoned advice in event planning and media angles, and their patient coaching of individual project managers had not only resulted in our PR achievements, but also set an inspirational role model for our young leaders: being devoted, passionate and attentive to detail. We enjoyed working with Social Alliance, and look forward to our continuous partnership in the future.” AIESEC Hong Kong Limited (2013)

Dialogue Experience

“We would like to express our appreciation to Social Alliance for serving as our marketing and corporate communications consultancy. Social Alliance has been providing steady and professional services, continuously supporting our development and brand building in HK. They have successfully positioned our brand at an appealing level to different stakeholders, allowing different social segments to recognize us as a leading social enterprise in Hong Kong and the region.


Social Alliance has provided us with innovative and realistic solutions to build our image and popularity while aligning with our corporate vision and mission. Their skills and experiences in strategic cross-sector communications has undoubtedly nourish the growth of our enterprise, boosting our business to a new stage everyday, driving high local and international outreach for various products of our brand in an extensive rate.


We highly appreciate their dynamic corporate culture and admire their outstanding creativity, flexibility and efficiency. The team’s entrepreneurial spirit allows our fast-growing business to flourish. We are grateful to have Social Alliance’s long-term support and we look forward to our continuous cooperation in future.” Dialogue Experience - DiD HK Limited (2013)

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