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CLIENT: The Kinnet

PROJECT: Kitman Mak - "The Art Show" Exhibition


In light of a rapidly ageing population in Hong Kong, people are not only living longer, but are looking to age better by increasing their healthy years. Besides keeping up with regular check-ups, having a balanced diet, and staying physically active, an important aspect that is largely under the radar is the benefits of the arts and creativity. Creative arts such as painting, paper cutting, singing, all offer a wide range of health benefits to older adults, including interaction, sense of control, sensory stimulation, relaxation, concentration, and improved cognitive abilities. In particular, incorporating art therapy for older adults with Dementia and other degenerative diseases has been an essential part of programming in the recent years to help minimize or delay the effects of the diseases.


Kitman Mak, ambassador of The Kinnet, believes that painting is indeed a spiritual practice. She has been painting for the past 4 years and her painting album will also be released concurrently at “The Art Show” Exhibition. Kitman gives life to each of the paintings, and hopes to bring out positive messages through her artworks.


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