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CLIENT:  Tung Wah Group of Hospitals

PROJECT: ​Beyond the Line Youth Musical 


Through the use of installation art, video,sound, and other physical and theatrical creation, "Beyond the Line Youth Musical" provides a platform for youth to enhance the self-esteem and self-confidence while allowing them to discover their potential. In addition, training courses for different artistic skills are offered to teenagers, so they can show their talent and enhance their sense of capacity. It is hoped that this musical can let people care and understand teens more. Thus, creating a harmonious society.


  • Overall key messaging

  • Media relations

Tung Wah 1
Tung Wah 2
Tung Wah 3
Tung Wah 4
Tung Wah 5
Tung Wah 6
Tung Wah 7
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