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CLIENT: Redress

PROJECT: Redress The EcoChic Design Award 2015/16


Environmental NGO Redress concluded their week-long programme of sustainable fashion activities in Hong Kong, the epicentre of Asia’s fashion industry, further cementing emerging designers’ power to drive positive change and pushing the global agenda to reduce waste in the fashion industry. The week included a design challenge, two workshops and an industry seminar before culminating at the grand final fashion show of the world’s largest sustainable design competition for emerging designers, The EcoChic Design Award 2015/16. Here ten finalists from Asia and Europe united to command Hong Kong Fashion Week’s runway, and the influential industry onlookers, with their textile-waste-reducing collections, having already out-designed an unprecedented level of competition entries from designers living in 40 countries across Asia and Europe. Two winners, from Poland and Spain, were crowned winners.


  • Strategic messaging

  • Media relations

  • Artists management


  • Over 50 coverage generated

Redress 1
Redress 2
Redress 3
Redress 4
Redress 5
Redress 6
Redress 7
Redress 8
Redress 9
Redress 10
Redress 11
Redress 12
Redress 13
Redress 14
Redress 15
Redress 16
Redress 17
Redress 18
Redress 19
Redress 20
Redress 21
Redress 22
Redress 23
Redress 24
Redress 25
Redress 26
Redress 27
Redress 28
Redress 29
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Redress 33
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