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Social Alliance Communications Consultancy is an impact marketing and communications consultancy which aims to:

  • Amplify social impact and enhance sustainable social business model for organizations

  • Enhance public accessibility and awareness of social good products and services, encourage socially responsible lifestyle

  • Be top-of-the-mind social good story teller for media

  • Nurture and develop young marketers and communications professionals with the capacity of social mind for the sector



Debby founded Social Alliance Communications Consultancy in 2011. She specializes in social enterprises and nonprofits integrated marketing strategy, consumer marketing and engagement activities, CSR communications, media relations, event management and digital marketing.

Formerly worked in a global public relations firm, she has extensive experience in event management and media projects for theme park, corporations, charitable organisations and various global and local consumer brands.

Currently she also serves in various government panels and committees to contribute back to the society. 






Integrated Alliance Solution

Our Service on SE Marketing, Consumer Events & CSR Communications

• Brand strategy and positioning

• Communications message development

• Crisis & issues management

• Media & communications training

• Change management

• Press materials

• Marketing collaterals

• Spokespersons bureaux

• Speech writing

• Copywriting and translation

• Graphic design

• Video shooting, editing and production

• Products and events photo shooting

• Event design and production

• Roadshows

• Brand & product launches

• Product placements

• Press conferences

• Thought leadership forums & seminars

• Fundraising events

• Event marketing

• Media outreach and relations

• Brand and product publicity

• Media tours

• Search engine marketing

• Social media management

• Research analysis for press announcement

• Survey design and implementation

• Client-host & co-sponsored research programs



Our 5 Promises as Your Preferred PR Partner:​

Co-create PR strategies, lead and execute all activities in collaboration with clients

Improve KPIs, for example:

  • Total volume of media exposure

  • PR value of generated media coverage

  • Total volume of business partners and leads

Effective & efficient communications with all stakeholders

Raise public awareness of your advocated social impact

Ensure client satisfaction